You Reap What You Sow ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 4/25/14

You reap what you sow

You said time stopped as if planets conspired, magic. You picked me up with no regard for propriety, or anyone around, took me into your arms. You felt inspired.

Then you cast me aside, snagged a new model chasing fame and fortune, all flash and tin. Said I changed- just didn’t feel the same anymore.  They say you lost your soul.

There were others after you who made me sing. Ultimately, I found one who knew how to love my measured rise in intensity, emotive vibrato. My strings bending to his tonal drive, registral climb.  For him I gently weep.

Word Count: 100


P.S. Please make sure to read the others.

An addendum- I just took time to go back and start reading FF entries. Sheepishly, I realize that Rochelle wrote of George Harrison and the gentle weep. I SWEAR I must have tapped into the same wave length unwittingly. I wanted to write from the perspective of the guitar as a woman and Lucy came to mind (having been played by many of the greats). But perhaps I should rewrite and make it a guitar found in Nashville by a young singer-songwriting upstart who leaves her behind at the second hand store. Then perhaps found by a young Willie Nelson going on to make great music.

33 thoughts on “You Reap What You Sow ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 4/25/14

  1. Extremely well written! Bravo! The guitar and the musician have quite a love affair going when the music is sweet, but when it turn bitter, the gig is up, so something is case aside. Poor Portuguese guitar! Really very good! Nan 🙂

  2. I really liked this. Whilst the “gently weeped” line reminded me of Harrison, this line evoked images of Dylan; “Then you cast me aside, snagged a new model chasing fame and fortune, all flash and tin. Said I changed- just didn’t feel the same anymore. They say you lost your soul.”

    Nice one.

  3. Wonderful story, as for the first part, I predicted the voice to be that of a forgotten lover, but then it turned out to be the guitar! It takes wonderful skill to drawn such rich similarities between the two. I think it’s a touching look into how fame and success can change people. Now I feel guilty for my guitar that sits in the basement, not tuned or played for a good five years or so. I suppose it’s time to dust her off!

    • Thanks Janet. I thought of this instrument, Lucy, that had been in the arms of John Sebastian, Rick Derringer, Eric Clapton and George Harrison (A brief interlude with Miguel Ochoa. She was stolen so we can’t fault her dalliance.) I have always seen music as collaborative not only between artists but with instruments as well. My violin and I used to have words and moments of grace. Thanks

  4. Dear Dana,

    Stop worrying! I don’t have a monopoly on gently weeping guitars. ;). I’m not generally crazy about anthropomorphic objects unless they’re well done. Yours is. Don’t change a thing.



    • Thanks Rochelle- I wanted to try a different POV this time. I was tempted to make it a poem and satisfy my NaPoWriMo challenge as well but it did not come out that way.

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