Creative Crush ~ Audrey Kawasaki

I can’t recall the first time I fell upon Audrey Kawasaki’s work. But I distinctly remember thinking if I were an artist I’d want to be like her. My friends and I are at constant ends with one another. Them … Continue reading


The Weekend ~ Shana Tova:Dreaming of Serendipity and Sand Castles

PRPSA (Punk Rock Porn Star Activist AKA my Gay BFF) borrowed my car to run errands for the day. He bought me the most beautiful pink Gerber daisy. Something about a surprise from a friend for no reason other than … Continue reading


Creative Crush ~ Agnes Cecile

I came across one of Agnes Cecile’s’ image while reading one of Wuji Seshat Nibada’s poems I Lose Myself Inside This Soft World. In honesty it was the image that initial drew me in. Don’t take this to mean he … Continue reading


Creative Crush ~ Tracy Hetzel

So you know by now I have lots of creative crushes. They only increase in numbers every day. Today I share with you one of my all time favorite fashion illustrators ~ Tracy Hetzel. Her watercolors have so much personality they are infectious.

I already Own the first one below (Children Guised as Cowboys). Then this morning while getting ready to post I discovered a new one, Down the Rabbit Hole, pink garters a flamingo and a hedgehog. Hello Precious!

Yes I bought it. Now head over to her store, Long Blue Straw. I promise you won’t be disappointed unless you’re on a  tight budget. Then  it might prove troublesome.


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Creative Crush ~ David Jay

So my grand idea of a swimsuit calendar made up of cancer patients of all kinds and their scars led me to discover the work of David Jay and the Scar Project. Slogan: Breast cancer is not a pink ribbon. … Continue reading



Albert Camus wrote “in the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.’ I believe he was speaking of an emotional space, an essence. I am fighting my way through winter. This particular frost … Continue reading