Writer’s Process Blog Tour ~It’s Helena’s Fault

Okay so it isn’t REALLY Helena’s fault. Other than she asked me to join in the writer’s process blog tour. My first thought to run and hide. But when Helena Hann-Basquait, otherwise known affectionately as the Dilettante asks, you can’t … Continue reading

Weekend ~ 3/28/14 ~ Woefully Unprepared

So in fact I took the day off of work today. Not because I was out last night on the town for a book launch party. Though I wouldn’t have minded a little sleeping in this morning as an added bonus. Howver that didn’t work out, the recruiter called me at 7:30 to catch up.

No I took the day off because I have so much demanding my attention. Things you need work hours to accomplish. Department of Revenue deadlines looming and such. Not to mention medical records to pick up all over town at various specialists.

If you read my blog you no doubt already know I had a kidney removed in December for a mass that turned out to be cancer. It was caught early (should have been earlier but I digress). In the world of cancer this is a best case scenario scenario. No chemo, no radiation, just surgery and the inevitable wait and watch. For months I felt stuck in an elevator between floors.

Then the time came for my first scan. My doctor warned that something is always found. I nodded confirmation. Sure I thought to myself like the herniated disk in my neck, the inevitable fluid in my abdomen after surgery, scarring from my hysterectomy. Then I imaged I’d move to the next phase of being a young cancer survivor and have another year before a scan and further anxiety. Didn’t work that way for me. I need to have another scan in 6 weeks. Ugh! Back between floors I go.

Anyway I have much to do. I plan to post about the book launch party. Introduce you to a new author, her publisher and  the Tango community. But for now there is business to take care of; the DOR and IRS to satisfy, a writer’s process blog post to write for Monday and a twelve years old birthday to get ready for. (Just to list a few).

So see you all Monday on the blog.

Oh and PS the consensus is unanimous that I absolutely butchered my lovely flirtation at the Bevee launch party. Just ask all my friends, my accountant, my threader, even my 60 year old male boss. It has been determined I can not be left to my own devices when it comes to meeting men.

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