Creative Crush ~ Agnes Cecile

I came across one of Agnes Cecile’s’ image while reading one of Wuji Seshat Nibada’s poems I Lose Myself Inside This Soft World. In honesty it was the image that initial drew me in. Don’t take this to mean he doesn’t write spectacular poetry because you’d be wrong and missing out on great reading.

Agnes’ work is stunning, haunting. I couldn’t look away. I wanted more. You know what that means. I comb the internet for every scrap of her work I can find and dedicate her as my most recent creative crush. But in truth I have know Silvia Pelissero AKA Agnes’ work for some time. Her image, My Eyes Refuse to Accept Passive Tears adorns my walls. Crap, I might need to buy more of her art. Rich, emotional human portraits– What’s not to love. It is my pleasure to introduce you. Meet Agnes Cecile . (Facebook, YouTube)

conspiracy_of_silence_by_agnes_cecile-d4u41wn each_growing_petal_is_an_internal_wound_by_agnes_cecile-d4trsbm forever_yours__freckles_by_agnes_cecile-d4jluzf loss_by_agnes_cecile-d4mfyov miss_universe_03_pic_by_agnes_cecile-d5uh3ze you_have_to_stay__do_nothing_by_agnes_cecile-d4yhpj7


3 thoughts on “Creative Crush ~ Agnes Cecile

  1. Awesome imagery. I know how it is when you get those creative crushes. You can’t stop until you soak up everything you can find. Right now, I’m having the same thing with the music group Ibeyi… Thanks for sharing Agnes with us.

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