Lunchtime Doodle ~ Figure and Gesture

LD-Figure & GestureI came across this website with online figure drawing classes. I gave it a quick practice test. The above photo was provided. Now in 30 seconds draw what you can (only 30 secs).

It was actually so much fun.  Of course now I want to go back over it , add in back definition, her spine and lovely dimple (too flat), perhaps a pocket or ripped jean edge (a little fashion interest)……But not bad for a first go. If I say so myself. Which I do.

I think online figure drawing is a great idea. As someone who got bashful in life drawing class especially drawing nether regions. It all felt to personal to me, too Titanic tracing my lead along. But now I can tackle nudes in the privacy of my own home. (Wait! Sh……….that didn’t come out right.) Anyhooo……..head on over and check it out.