Lunchtime Doodle ~ Figure and Gesture

LD-Figure & GestureI came across this website with online figure drawing classes. I gave it a quick practice test. The above photo was provided. Now in 30 seconds draw what you can (only 30 secs).

It was actually so much fun.  Of course now I want to go back over it , add in back definition, her spine and lovely dimple (too flat), perhaps a pocket or ripped jean edge (a little fashion interest)……But not bad for a first go. If I say so myself. Which I do.

I think online figure drawing is a great idea. As someone who got bashful in life drawing class especially drawing nether regions. It all felt to personal to me, too Titanic tracing my lead along. But now I can tackle nudes in the privacy of my own home. (Wait! Sh……….that didn’t come out right.) Anyhooo……..head on over and check it out.

14 thoughts on “Lunchtime Doodle ~ Figure and Gesture

  1. I love her hair! And yes, I think there’s just as much interest in ‘the willow and the reed.”

    Also, this made me giggle as I thought back to the one life drawing session I ever attended – our subject was a middle-aged man, very short, who held a spear in one hand. So bizarre!

  2. That’s really good, you really capture the pose, and I love how you did the hair. I’ll have a looksie at the website later.

    I either loved or hated life drawing class. I loved it when we got challenging models, models with folds and bones and wrinkles. There was one model I hated – he had no shape. He wasn’t skinny, so there was no sharp angles of bones. He wasn’t muscular, so there was no shades. He wasn’t fat, so there was no beautiful curves. He just was. Each time he entered the room I used to sigh in frustration. 🙂

    • Cathy I too love interest in a figure- folds, bones, wrinkles. Sharp angles as you say the play of shadow and light. But don’t write off the skinny ones too fast. There is beauty in the willow and reed as well.

      Check out the site. I think you’ll like it.

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