Weekend ~ 3/21/14 ~Price of Beauty

I am pooped- completely worn out from the fabulous Bevee Launch Party. There are words to be said, nay must be said, and photos to share. But as the day has nearly slipped through my grasp it will have to wait until tomorrow. So please check back over the weekend.

I wish I could tell you my journey to the party was smooth. I got a run in my hose, which I never wear by the way. Of course at work with no nail polish to stop the migratory path towards my skirts edge. In desperation I plastered the end with whiteout. This held up in a pinch.

Next I realized while applying makeup, which I also never wear, that I’d left my mascara at home. Thank God they had a makeup artist on site to fix me problem. I realize in the grand scheme of life this is barely a blip on the problem radar. But……

Oh and I got lost trying to find the space. It falls in the Bermuda triangle between Madison, Union and 13th. At least I got rockstar parking just around the corner. Though I was obtuse walking the long edge of the scalene.

Finally after I finished helping Prep  I donned the Black Alligator pumps DT² was loaning me for the evening. I felt fabulous and was even told as much by a very handsome man. “I was telling my friends I think you’re one of the best dressed women here”, he said. I cooed my thank you. Seriously you have to understand I am never THAT girl. You know the one drinks are bought for. I am usually the wing-girl. He made my night.

In the essence of fullish disclosure I paid the price for beauty. There’s a reason I’m not supposed to wear heels (as per my back surgeon). I spent my entire evening walking off leg cramps. You know the ones that wake you upright from a dead sleep. Yeah those. But as they say in my co-workers family (when one complains) “Beauty is All!” So in other words suck it up.

Oh and DT² and I were unable to open the mint tin included in the gift bags. We pulled and twisted with all our might, applying brute force. So she did what any woman faced with the need for stronger hand muscles would do- handed it to a man for help of course. He opened it immediately with no efforts. “Wait a minute. How did you do that?” I asked unwilling to believe it was so easy. “You push down in the middle. I thought it was a test.” he grinned. “Oh it was a test alright. One we failed.” I laughed. Seriously this was the Chinese finger box of mint tins. (Insert ruckus British laughter here)

That’s all for now. See you all this weekend for the Bevee launch Party Post and more Girl’s night out Shenanigans.

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