The Weekend ~ Dreaming of Child’s Pose

Friday is upon me. I had big plans to participate in a yoga manifestation workshop of Jen Pastiloff’s at Shefayoga tomorrow. Unfortunately, between walking about Portland last weekend, and my escapades dancing at Karaokegrass, my ankle injury from 6 weeks … Continue reading

The Weekend ~ Shana Tova:Dreaming of Serendipity and Sand Castles

PRPSA (Punk Rock Porn Star Activist AKA my Gay BFF) borrowed my car to run errands for the day. He bought me the most beautiful pink Gerber daisy. Something about a surprise from a friend for no reason other than … Continue reading

The Weekend ~ Confection Affection, Shopping Addiction & My Funny Bone

I was pondering my post on chocolate and the movie Like Water For Chocolate popped into my head. How she cooked her emotions right into the food she made. Then anyone who ate it felt what she felt.

During college I went to see the movie with a new lover. We started the movie nestled up against one another. But the end we were leaning on the opposite arm rests away from one another. We broke up that day after (really technically watching the movie). I think we both realized we did not have that kind of passion for one another and weren’t  likely to develop it.

So it made me wonder, does Alan “Patric” McClure actually stir seduction into his chocolate? Because eating Patric is indeed a magical sensory experience. Or as Chocosphere describes- a revelation.

On another note I have shopping to do- books to order, shoes to buy. NO, I have plenty of chocolate on hand. Though, I’m afraid I cheated with the handy man, Joe. He came by the office and I couldn’t say no. I love blue collar men especially when they are also a little crunchy and earth conscious. Beside he plays the guitar. I mean come on.

Anyway, I don’t want to spend more money. I have done enough damage lately and the medical bills are beginning to trickle in again. I am still paying rent and a mortgage and bills for two homes. But I have a black jumpsuit these shoes would be spectacular with. Thankfully they are out of my size. I’ve been saved!

Oh, Man……..these ones are still available in my size. Someone needs to talk me out of them. Remind me that high heels and I don’t mix well. That I will suffer greatly.


My other problem is when artists I adore and follow create art, books, clothing, jewelry, music …….. it must come home with me, join my collection. So Tyler Knott Gregerson your book and Shannon Ables extraordinary guide to The Simply Luxurious Life, will both be mine! Okay, will soon be mine, once they actually ship.

P.S. if you want to learn more about Shannon check out her Tuesday Talent interview.

download             FrontCoverBorder

I suppose that would be more then enough damage to do. Especially since once I am in my new apartment I have to actually buy some new furniture. I have managed to get paired down to one room- a bed, desk, bookshelves and a chair. I suspect my one bedroom apartment may need a few more pieces. Especially if anyone ever comes over to visit. It is one thing if I eat in bed but……

I have some deep thinking to do this weekend. My Punk Rock Pornstar Activist friend tasked me with the following:

“here. amuse your mind with this when you need a mental break from reality:
first answer this ethics question: if humanity and the planet are on a collision course with extinction, as most of us realize… which is the lesser or two evils: to allow both to die or to artificially reduce the planets population back to say 1 billion. if you chose the second choice, how would you engineer that keeping in mind all the problematic logistics as well as incredible opportunities this would offer you in creating a future society of your choosing”

It’s time for the weekend. Hope you all have a fabulous one. Especially those crazy souls braving Burning Man! Old Man, I’m talking to you. Hope you enjoy the Burn. You too MS, but you’d better bring your little brother home in one piece or there will be hell to pay with the woman in your life.

Oh, and DT² stop fretting. I assure you Paris is still at the top of my travel to-do along with Nashville. And we will have the girls week in Palm Springs. Feel free to join me to Singapore and Oz as well. You know you’re welcome.

Till next week.

Blast from This Blogs Past

The Weekend Reading List

So for this week’s reading list I am simply going to link you to few websites that have made me laugh lately. Some till I nearly peeped my pants. There is nothing I find  sexier than a sharp razor wit. Honestly, it is a turn on. So feast yourselves my friends. They won’t disappoint. Oh, and let me know if I need to add someone. Recommendations welcomed.

Something Extra

I just discovered these two– their harmonies are to die for. Most of you know my theory about the perfect match and harmonizing. And my love for Country music  well let’s just say “it is a love without end. Amen.”