Characters and Fantasy

I had to take a friend to the airport this morning. So I was up brite and early. Then I had two hours to kill at the coffee shop before work. A little luxury drawing time.

On the radio I heard today was nation peanut butter and jelly day. I did not bother to confirm it, but began drawing a rough sketch. Princess and the Pea-esque- She obviously needs work but I’m loving the PB&J stack.

Sketch 2014-04-02 15_57_06

Then I discovered a new illustrator. Love her. Seriously my newest Crush- The Spinsterhood Diaries.

Next wilst pittering away I fell upon Doll Divine. A website that lets you decorate your own dolls. And the Ascension Couple Creator from Rinmaru Games. So of course I had to create my animated warrior queen alter ego and Elfin Mate. Sadly I could spend days on this app. I’m serious……DAYS!

Ascension Couple

And finally there were other dolls on Rinmaru Games to play with. Like I said weeks could be wasted away on these programs. Oh and I so want to design my own doll app now. These artists are nothing short of incredible.

Cest la Vie group

So many Options…..

Cest la Vie Thumbnail


MyStyle (4) MyStyle (5) MyStyle (6)

Sweet Candy


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