Creative Crush ~ Caitlin Connolly

I think it is the simplicity and the emotional expression in Caitlin’s work that speaks to me. Her work invokes Klimt (to me). This coupled with her artist’s statement says it all.

Caitlin Connolly: I make art founded on the human experience.  Life, death, tragedy, joy, loneliness, spirituality, and progression are concepts central to how I view this experience.  Growing up in a family with all boys, it was difficult for me to identify with women.  My work often explores the feminine experience as I attempt to understand myself and all women more fully and view them the way I see them – powerful yet flawed.

she became herself with tears

– she became herself with tears –



– her face was radiant – 10086372894_97be5d0194_o

– understanding a small mystery – 10086426745_903f0a8902_o

– trying to understand holiness –


– she was so sad she couldn’t move her feet – 10086445016_85382c221c_o

  – she tried really hard and nudged the earth in a different direction – 10086498793_5d4038378f_o

– I’m dealing with it – 10086499333_ce29e7c5c0_o

– I found something special and I’m not going to show you what it is-

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