The Weekend ~ 2/3/12

Wasn’t the weekend just here? This has been a week full of highs and lows; those additional tasks seeming to pile up on one another. I found myself at moments frayed, at the end of my rope. I realize this is just the nature of this time of year for me. However it is an odd mix. A dichotomy of overwhelm from everything I need to do and a life that seems to move at a turtles pace. Change ever so subtle.

I was reading an article about why life can’t be like Tivo. I learned years ago that Tivo was a marriage saver. So could life be like Tivo? In her article Martha Beck draws this very analogy. She argues that our brain is indeed like Tivo. We can program it, filter information and make choices about what to take in. So I plan to find time this weekend to redo some of my settings. To look at how I have programmed the way I see my world. Explore the patterns I continue to relive time and again. Reboot so to speak.

Then perhaps I will find myself freed up a bit more; able to move back to my foundations. Lately I have felt like I am chasing the creative process instead of allowing for its organic enfoldment. Have you ever had those moments of brain freeze, writer’s block, perpetually blank canvas? This video Paperballs by Burayan seemed to sum up the feeling well.

So as another whirlwind week ends I plan to go into this weekend refocused on grounding my spiritual life. Getting back to the things that really matter (friends, community and personal growth) and leaving the practical world of work ~ work ~ work which for me literally translates as money ~ money ~ money behind. This is not the place my heart resides. So till next week….


Weekend Reading List:


Images: Simply Luxurious Life

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