The Weekend ~ 2/24/12

I know….it’s a Christmas sketch. This week I had big plans for Mardi Gras inspired art full of beads and masks. I even did a few sketches featuring pancakes for Shrove. I just never got around to completing them. So instead this one had at least the hint of Beaded adornments.

I still have more to do on her. Since I have a tendency to overwork a piece I will have to be careful.  But I will say I do love how her coat came out.

So the weekend is upon us, Oscars coming to visit, February’s ending and March is oncoming. Oh where oh where has the time flown. I have been up to my eyeballs this week with tax season and client reports. However I have been able to carve out time this week with friends. A few of whom I haven’t seen for a while. This has been a welcomed reprieve.

I am constantly striving to maintain balance in my life as I have a tendency to push myself, overwork, over do. This ability can often come in handy as a deadline looms. Each time I push myself to my limits I certainly know what I am capable of. However there is a shadow side to this same trait. If I am not careful I can wear myself thin. These days as I am ever conscious of this behavior pattern and trying to make sure I stay righted. This means I have to decide what has to give. So this weekend’s lecture class had to be rescheduled. With no voice I was not going to be able to talk about the finer points of Product Development for 4 1/2 hours.

Yesterday I had an exciting milestone. I made my first Etsy sale. I was surprised and delighted. Now mind you I am one to remain realistic…this is my first sale in two years. But these days I will take the wins where I can get them. Maybe I will post a few more items for sale.

As always I hope you enjoy your weekend and here is the Weekend Reading List. Til  Monday.


Weekend Reading List:

Images: Ornamental Antlers by DCTdesigns