NaPoWriMo Oy Vey!

I did not participate in NaNoWriMo but think I should force myself to do NaPoWriMo. Why would I do that you ask? Because it’s poetry, which can be a short Haiku, nowhere nearing the intimidation of 50,000 words. Ha! Those are famous last words if I’ve ever written them.

Now, this said, I may or may not post over the weekends, in which case I will double up on Mondays. And in the essence of full disclosure reworking old poems is not out of the question. But by the end there will be 30 poems posted. I have to push my boundaries somewhere. Hell, Mesayah is writing a poem a day for 365 days. So really what is a measly 30? (Again with the last words).

Here are my first three:

Thicker than Water

Your blood flows though me
After all you’re my father
Now Leukemia?

Priest Communion

which burns more on your
serpentine tongue? the wafer?
or the boy’s soft body?

Is There a Difference?

How many times did you die?

How many did they bring you back?

What drove you to the edge of steel?

Your brother’s taunts

Your father’s indifference

Your step fathers advances

Your mother’s indifference

The numbness lost in cocaine

Your indifference

Every time you lay on your back

Their indifference

Here in Florescent glow
I wait, awaiting
Wanting to know

You said it felt right

as crimson poured out

You felt set free.

nearly drained

Pain emptied

Your thoughts to me

You cried aloud

Out Loud

My lack of indifference,

Help!, rising in your throat

Now, please tell me

You feel different.

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