Weekend ~ 4/4/14

photo (1)I awoke this morning to find my car has been vandalized, bird bombed. Seriously it was a crap fest. The entire thing covered in guano. What? It could have been Seabirds or bats. I didn’t see the culprits cloaked in the dark of night during their stealth raid. Though I suspect it was crows, dark omens. I believe in signs. Perhaps I should just take it as a symbol of luck like the Italians do. But it didn’t feel too lucky this morning when I made the detour downhill and paid $1.75 in quarters for 23 sec bursts to power rinse it off.

Then I came into the office to find our server down. We just got the blaring failed UPS to quit driving me up the wall. And NOW I had angry internet-less co-workers with which to contend. I wish I could say there was no yelling but that would be a lie. God I need vacation.

Oh and the co-worker gave notice. Just like that. She’ll be gone at the end of the month. Not that she will be gone from my life. Now we’ll have to meet up for coffee. After working together for 9 years she can’t sneak off. At least not without me.

I rearranged my office space due to the new electronic equipment. This included the relocation of my trash can beneath my desk. Oddly, It’s a constant reminder my habitual nature. It is so ingrained in me to swivel my chair to the left and launch my trash backwards towards the round files old location. I have yet to relearn such a simple behavior. Ugh! It’s a mess.

Oh and I’ll leave you with my poem for Day4 of NaPoWriMo.

The Nurses’ Office

Your caress, my neck;
Third period hall passing…
bubble gum you left.

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A Mere Shadow ~ Lindsey Sterling

8 thoughts on “Weekend ~ 4/4/14

  1. My deepest sympathy for your bird bombing! I do hope you find some time to relax- It is the weekend after all! Thanks for including the link of Lindsey Stirling. I’ve always been in awe of her talent.

    • Relax? Can you give my the word’s etymology, definition, perhaps use it in a sentence? I’m afraid I’m terribly unfamiliar with the word these days. 😉

      Lindsey is A-MAZ-ing.

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