The Poetry I denied Myself (A Poem)

One summer afternoon

                We forged our way

                in the field of our forefathers

Where George Washington once explored

Amongst the golden wheat


We lay extravagant

                In our youth

I was sure I’d drown

                inside whispers sweet

For you washed over me

so completely

                I was ablaze


Pisceans veins can boil


So it was we remained

                talking fingertips

                hand in hand alit

Never moving too close

For fear we’d disappear in flames


Again you found me

Inside the boom boom of  P eins

                lights flashing,

                music pounding

Heat penetrating cores

Our bodies in orbit

Magnetically bound

                Drawn to and fro


                ready to explode


And yet once more Later that eve

                Or was it dawn

As we all poured into the cab

                Eight Piled on,

                Me across your lap

Your cheek, breath warm upon my ear

It’s just one kiss  I thought

Do it!  Our friends chanted

                Egging loud

From the back of our too crowded cab

Was this love or war?  I wondered

Mind lapsing between taunts

My refusal was survival

                I would be lost

If I dared partake your lunar fire


So now this poem is all that’s left

Of my moonlight ride

my Daylight swim

verse unlived.

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