Underbelly ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 11/1

This week’s Friday Fictioneer prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields ran in a myriad of directions in my mind, very indicative of my Piscean nature. In the end there could be only one. (cue music to The Highlander). With that thunderbolt, here’s this week’s photo and story.  Make sure to click here and read other people’s offerings. They won’t disappoint.

koiCopyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy



“Where’s Rachel?” Ichiro went about his business completely ignoring her. “I said where’s Rachel?”

She hadn’t returned a single call in weeks. And they didn’t go a day without talking. Something was wrong. Even more so was Ichiro’s uncharacteristic calm.

Slowly, calculating he fed the koi eagerly gulping at the pond’s surface. Exasperated, Sara glared; walking over to him she tried her best to be imposing. She wasn’t leaving without an answer. But he didn’t move, just starred at his fluid reflection twisting with each colorful scale.

A glint of gold caught her eye. Beneath the frenzy lay Rachel’s ring.


Word Count: 100



29 thoughts on “Underbelly ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 11/1

  1. Perhaps her ring slipped off when she flung food to the Koi. Yeah. That’s it, right? (a dark tale for this time of year and nicely told.)

    • When I wrote this I thought perhaps she flung at her husband’s head while leaving him. That would explain his behavior by the pond. But them I remembered if that were the case. Sara, her best friend, would know it.

  2. Dear Dana,

    Could you mean “exasperated” as opposed to “exacerbated”? Either way, there should be a comma after it. 😉

    My Ichiro isn’t nearly as evil as yours. I have a sense that Sarah’s about to join Rachel.

    Nice one.



    • Rochelle,

      I did mean exasperated and have added the comma. Thank you.

      Yes your Ichiro was indeed much sweeter. I knew a real life Ichiro and he was a big love as well.

      I too think Sara should make for the hills quickly.


    • Doug,

      Oh my goodness. I did mean exasperated. I had to look up both definitions to be sure but truly Sara is not the one increasing the violence in this tale. Thank you much.


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