The Weekend ~ 10/25/13


I was tempted to let the day slip by without posting. I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to say. I took yesterday and  today off from work -a much needed reprieve. And life seems to be ganging up on my lately. (I know waaaan poor me).

I was tempted just to run off and leave the blog silent. Then I reminded myself that blogging in a large part is about commitment. One I have made to myself and then as extension to any readers that follow along. Commitment isn’t always easy. But it is vital to kinds of relationships I want to have in my life.

I had already let two days go by unattended last week. That was more than enough. As I had shared two weekends ago I received a diagnosis of SIBO- which has changed my life entirely. I’m now the girl that has to cook everything she eats. Food has taken a very prominent role in my daily thoughts which feels very foreign to me. So I have taken Sundays to plan and cook for my week. That way I am not chopping, pureeing, sautéing and blending every day.

But piled on top of my mammoth frustration with the crash course in nutrition I was eyeball deep in, I woke up with a sore throat and no voice at all. It has taken nearly three weeks to return. I hope to be able to take my voice lesson as I’ve already had to miss it twice. However I suspect if I go I’ll still sound like a smoky jazz lounge singer. (Could be kinda sexy- At least in my imagination.)

Finally the call came informing me about my niece. As you may have read my rant last Friday. Regardless I felt a little bit clobbered on Monday and Tuesday of last week. One-two punch and roundhouse kick to the head I was down for the count-lights out on the blog.

So I was about to get dressed to run out of the house this morning with every intention of leaving my blog blank once again. I did my normal morning routine, checked my emails, and read a few blog posts which oddly echoed my own sentiments. Victoria of vmac+cheese was feeling rundown and decided to make her post shorter than normal. But it was Liv Hambrett’s dedication to writing her self-imposed Bilingual Post Challenge and struggle to wiggle out of it that really lit my fire. She reminded me I have made a commitment to myself. I have created these challenges. So frankly I needed to step-up.

Now all that said I plan to hit the Apple store for a new iPhone (if they actually have any in stock today) and then meet up with a girlfriend. We have to do a little work-talk over the mockups I did on her website design, the quail drawings for their bag lining fabrics, and the nudge I gave them on their stalled wallet design.(Each partner preferring one way over another and neither truly satisfied.) I simply provided a few out of the box ways to bling them up. But after that it will be some good old fashioned girl time and the start to what I hope is a recuperative weekend. Oh and to my fellow Friday Fictioneers I plan to read and review as many stories as I can. See you all Monday. 


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