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I have had the distinct pleasure of working with this Power punched duo, Seattle-based designers Liise Wyatt  and Karly Orr . If you have yet to discover them you’re in for a treat as they are guaranteed to blow you away.

Wyatt Orr inspires quiet confidence in those who appreciate innovative and flawlessly detailed garments. Seattle-based designers Liise Wyatt and Karly Orr balance timeless sophistication and urban style to cultivate distinctive designs for women and men.


Here is a sneak Peek at their Spring/Summer 2012 line.

Who inspires them

Highly creative, humble people… and our Labrador retrievers, Filson and Odeing . They remind us not to take things too seriously and that life can be as simple as reaching ultimate bliss by just chewing on a stick.


What Liise& Karly do

Wyatt Orr is a two-woman show. We are responsible for every aspect of the business… We design, draw, drape, draft, sew, cut and sew some more… we market, produce, art direct and style all our photo shoots, promote and ultimately sell our collection… Then we do it all over again the next season!


What Liise & Karly do best

We take a long time to make decisions…..we do that really well!

We also collaborate well… We are fortunate to be able to keep true to our individual aesthetics while successfully blending our designs to make a cohesive collection – and getting along in the process!


What other profession Liise & Karly would like to attempt

We briefly contemplated being Flight Attendants for Virgin America.


What turns them on creatively, spiritually or emotionally

Fabric itself; the way garments move with the body… color and contrasting textures; the contrast of city and nature.


Where to find Liise & Karly

The goods can be currently found at wyattorr.com, David Lawrence in Bellevue and The Finerie in downtown Seattle.


Where Liise & Karly got their talent/Education

Liise received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and then went on to study Fashion Design and Construction at the New York Fashion Academy in Seattle…

Karly received her BA at Washington State University and then went on to study Fashion Design and Construction at the New Work of Fashion Academy…

NYFA’s director, Terry Horlamus and a handful of other instructors taught Liise and Karly the technical skills necessary to execute their designs.

The two quickly discovered they worked well together and supported each other’s ideas during school assignments and projects. They joined creative forces and Wyatt Orr’s vision came to fruition a few years later.


Finally borrowing from Bernard Pivot- If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Red or white?


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