The Weekend ~ 10/11/13 ~ Taking Stock


This week I came across a series of posts called taking stock. (Originating here). I figured I’d give it a go. Taking stock like making stew with a little bit of this and a dash of that.

Making : Whoopie!…No I’m not. But I’ve always wanted an occasion to say it- so there it is.

Cooking : A lot! It’s a new life, new leaf. Lately it has been sautéing Kale, Butternut squash, onion, carrots, celery and chicken in olive oil with an itty bit of aged Parm.

Drinking : Water, more water, so much water. I haven’t drank this much water in my life. But now it’s one of the few drinks I’m allowed. And let’s be honest Tea is just flavored water. I just haven’t gotten used to Kombucha yet. Ugh!

Reading:  Domino Magazine. Well, looking really, not reading per say. So glad it’s back!

Wanting: A giant tub to soak in, a fuzzy robe to curl up in, while sitting before a warm fire.

Looking: For an escape hatch.  There must be one here somewhere.

Playing: With words. I am writing stories, poems and emails to friends.

Wasting: Fruit. I don’t like mushy bruised bits, so I am cutting away more than necessary.

Sewing: Bottons. My machine is getting tuned up so all hand sewing for now.

Wishing:  For something new to arrive in my life.

Enjoying: Spotify-my latest addiction. It is my internet version of Radio Roulette.

Waiting: For a pleasant surprise or the other shoe whichever arrives first.

Liking:  Bridge. Seriously this is a fun card game. Keeps my mind honed.

Wondering: About hard boiled eggs. Do I need a timer? Is there a trick to easy peeling?

Loving: Voice lessons. Once a week I get to stretch my range and repertoire.

Hoping:  I start to feel better soon.

Marveling:  At my restraint. My friend brought homemade chocolate chip cookies to bridge and I haven’t indulged. Not because I don’t want b/c I can’t. Still being good. See above.

Needing:  To float, let go, and be cradled in warm water. A hammock would do in a pinch.

Smelling:  My perfume. Creepy I know! At least I didn’t say my armpits.

Wearing:  OUT….okay, okay and my fuchsia sweater.

Following: My heart and everything it is whispering these days.

Noticing: Dark circles under my eyes.

Knowing:  There is no shame in feeling deeply. Cry if you must. Never hide the truth on your face. Suppression only delays the inevitable.

Thinking:  About life as Art and Art as life. Whose masterpiece is this?

Feeling:  My story manifest imbedded in my pores.

Bookmarking:  Everything I want to accomplish before the year ends- projects, dreams and long term goals. My cowlicks like dog-eared pages of my mind.

Opening:  My heart to the possibility of growth, transformation and flight.

Giggling:  Not often enough these days.

Feeling: Present to the beginnings that lie inside the endings.


See you Monday and perhaps give Taking Stock a whirl.


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