Creative Crush ~ David Jay

So my grand idea of a swimsuit calendar made up of cancer patients of all kinds and their scars led me to discover the work of David Jay and the Scar Project. Slogan: Breast cancer is not a pink ribbon. I’d say cancer of any kind is not a ribbon of any color. These images are stark and raw and honestly, some of the most beautiful portraits I have ever seen.

In high school the kids called me an Amazon. I remember remarking but I have two boobs. As I grew up I would have lopped one off to be such a fierce and boldly beautiful warrior. That is what I see in these images. A strength of character that comes with the vulnerability of allowing yourself to be fully seen. I can think of nothing more beautiful in the world.

David’s documentary “Baring it All” won an Emmy and it is clear to me why. Please look at these women. Don’t turn away. Truly see them as they are. Warriors. Beautiful and strong.

1372181234_SCAR-2 1372181339_SCAR-6 1372181397_SCAR-8 1376917181_SCAR-13 1376917190_SCAR-14 1376917240_SCAR-23 1376917293_SCAR-29P.S. David if your interested in the swimsuit calendar sign me up. I’ve got a killer kidney cancer scar to share with the world.


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