The Weekend ~ Shana Tova:Dreaming of Serendipity and Sand Castles

PRPSA (Punk Rock Porn Star Activist AKA my Gay BFF) borrowed my car to run errands for the day. He bought me the most beautiful pink Gerber daisy. Something about a surprise from a friend for no reason other than … Continue reading

Astrophysics and The Universe inside us


I came across this picture and the video below here. The left is a human brain cell. The right is the Universe. It is a concept I have long since been aware of- The largess of humanity, our infinite connection to the universe itself.

Fascinated by the fact that for a time we existed in cellular form inside our grandmothers; a fully formed egg in our mother’s ova inside our grandmother’s womb. No wonder they say it takes three generations to make true change. It’s hard wired evolution.

Or as I lay out in croquis Part I the fascinating occurrences of patterns in nature and the human body. Really I suppose it is the capsule I swallowed today. Tiny little plastic markers being tracked through my digestive track as they find there way through and the doctors seek to diagnose what ails me.

All this has me pondering my body in the context of the universe, every cell a universe onto itself.

Image: The New York Times