Go Time! RAW:natural born artists showcase


It’s Official! Jumping in feet first and participating in the RAW artist Showcase on June 4th at the Fremont Foundry. Whee!

For me this means I have one month to pull my work together in a remotely cohesive way. I don’t, as I’ve said before, have a strong “look” to my art. So how to mix pieces cohesively between my drawings, Fashion Illustrations, photography and jewelry will be a real challenge. But one I’m giving the green light in this the Year of Yes.

What this means for you, my friends, family and fans are you need to buy a ticket and come to the show. Make sure to buy the ticket through my artist profile. If I sell 20 tickets it will cover the cost of my booth fee. This would be wonderful, leave me more capital for printing etc. -just one less thing to sweat over.  I assure you I’m a sweating.

Oh, and if you have any favorite pieces of mine you think should be displayed please do tell. Or if you have participated in shows and art fairs yourself I’d love any feedback or things you wish you knew when you first began down this road.

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