Where Working Hard is Hardly Working

The pull to create is upon me. Realistically the impending nature of the upcoming art show has wound its way into my brain, fear niggling. I suffer impostor syndrome.

I don’t actually categorize myself as an artist or call myself one for that matter, Creatrix perhaps, collective curator and artistic junkie, but definitely NOT artist. So doing a show where I’m saying “Hey come check out my art!” WTeff……. Who am I kidding?

Here we arrive at my spending way too much money on frames and art prints, booth set up and cocktails. Well, I need courage from somewhere. I swear I cast myself as a raging alcoholic. Not so, but a glass of wine with watercolors after work is a good way to close the day down.


And like most artistic people I procrastinate by wanting to draw the comic book I’m working on about my recent trip to LA.

Sketch 2015-05-18 17_47_59

Or alter pictures of my favorite superheroes.


Or even swap out my closets than actually draw the pieces I must for the show. You know any of the 50 other projects than the one with the deadline looming.

Like this blog post for example. I’m convincing myself “you need to tell them about your other recent projects since the Cell cover. You’ve been too absent from the blog.” RIGHT?!! As if…

However, this will not stop me in the least. Recently I did some work drawing realistic (I refuse to say full figured) croquis for an online clothing company, Ruby Ribbon. I love drawing Croquis and getting poses that reflect the client. It’s probably my love of paper dolls. Truthfully, Croquis are just paper dolls for fashion designers.

So here’s a snap shot of what I did for them. And now back to my best procrastination techniques. Better email my landlord about needing another bar in my closet.



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