Composition of a Masterpeice ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 6/6/14


Composition of a Masterpeice

For a moment it felt like college again, late night cramming, last minute paper production.  I long since eclipsed this idle foolishness. Yet, here into the witching hours I race against the clock, time the reaper. I thought drawing cover art for my book of poetry would be easier. But as I inch ever closer to completion I begin to deteriorate more and more, hour glass thinning.

Doesn’t it just figure the electricity would go out?  Guess it’s the universe’s way of telling this fish to swim. Ok, 2 ½ hours of battery life left to create one last masterpiece.

Word Count: 100


P.S. Please make sure to read the others.

I know I have been lax as of late responding to comments and commenting on your stories. Mea Culpa. I’ve had a lot on my plate. I hope to have a post as way of some explanation, perhaps excuse for my internet absence. But I am ever grateful to have found my way to FF and for the community. Thanks as always to our ever gracious host Rochelle.

24 thoughts on “Composition of a Masterpeice ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 6/6/14

    • So So hard. Still working on your art. I have a scan in the am but hope to get you something soon. P.S. missing our chats too. Sorry I’ve been Rock Hiding. 😉

  1. Dana, I understand the frustration. You described it well. Where we are the electricity goes off a lot. I have a flash drive for when I lose the cable, but have to make sure the computer’s charged. Of course the cable’s off half the time even when we have electricity. Good and well-written story. 🙂 —Susan

  2. Doesn’t it just figure the electricity would go out? Oh, yes it does. Or the printer runs out of paper or ink or well … Murphy’s law. Lovely take in 100 (or?) words.

  3. Oh sure, that always happens. Desperation always sets off the “failure circuit” in anything electrical. Still, creating art by candlelight is so much sweeter. I like this piece for it’s comfortable reading style. I felt like I was there.

  4. Dear Dana,

    I loved the fishing being told to swim. A very good story about the way events seem to conspire to send us messages, whether we want them at that moment or not. Well done.



  5. Oh no! Karma has a way of getting us to move things along, whether we welcome it or not. There’s nothing like working under pressure. Hopefully you’re not experiencing this first hand; though, I know you’ve had a lot to deal with lately. Anyway, I’m glad there was still battery life. There’ve been times where this has happened to me on a desktop computer and I was SOL. Thanks for sharing such an intense story!

    • Oh god I’ve been there no power and everything locked away on my desktop. Scary. I don’t have any deadlines to meet at the moment which is good. Actually I think I just want to get a pair of those slippers and kick my feet up. Thanks Adelie

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