Creative Crush ~ Tracy Hetzel

So you know by now I have lots of creative crushes. They only increase in numbers every day. Today I share with you one of my all time favorite fashion illustrators ~ Tracy Hetzel. Her watercolors have so much personality they are infectious.

I already Own the first one below (Children Guised as Cowboys). Then this morning while getting ready to post I discovered a new one, Down the Rabbit Hole, pink garters a flamingo and a hedgehog. Hello Precious!

Yes I bought it. Now head over to her store, Long Blue Straw. I promise you won’t be disappointed unless you’re on a  tight budget. Then  it might prove troublesome.


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DCToolbox ~Travel Art Studio

Years ago I came up with an idea for travel design kits. They are of course specifically aimed at Fashion design. The inspiration was my years of playing with Tomy Fashion Plates.

Now that I have more time on my hands I have begun to delve back into the creation process of my design kits. So it occured to me that I could at least begin by organizing my existing travel art supplies. A mini studio that allows me to fashion sketch on the go.

First I purchased a Field Journal Notebook from Tom Bihn. I got it with the Cranes Crest paper for drawing. I had to modify it to hold my travel watercolor kit. Think Seam ripper.

Then I placed in some of my basic supplies (pencil, pen, eraser, cutting mat, ruler and blade). If traveling on an airplane make sure to remove the Exacto blade. You want to avoid an international incident.

My watercolor kit is larger in size. But I like having all 24 colors, palettes and brushes. There are smaller versions available like this one by Winstor and Newton. Or like so many you can create your own watercolor kit in an Altoids tin.

So with my mini travel studio I can sketch on the go. Whether drawing from life or an image out of a  magazine. Often I will do quick sketches using just a ballpoint pen.

Others I pencil in loosely and then color with my Copic markers once I get home. It has become a mini visual journal tracking the myriad of thoughts and images I am drawn to.

Now if I am going for a longer trip I take along my markers, a larger pad of paper and perhaps my iPad or laptop. So this requires a tote bag or backpack depending on where I am off to. But most days my mini kit is all I need.

If you have created a travel studio of your own I would love to see. Please share.

Ombre Leggings

I came across these ombre tights by BZR Shop via Printmatter available in Fuschian Violet, Coal , Sunset, and Navy. I thought they needed to be drawn. Of course Ombre should have driven me towards watercolor for the subtle blending. However I stuck to my markers and to top it off used a new graffiti paper. Not the best choice, blending was difficult  but regardless here they are. I think the shorts are my favorite. I should had them all in shorts.

Image: DCTdesigns


Photographed by Irving Penn, Vogue, 1994

Happy Friday!

In honor National Breast Cancer Awareness Month today’s Illustrations are inspired by PINK.

 It’s important to take care of yourself, help out if you can (here), and be aware.

So take a moment to think pink.


Image: Vogue Magazine article Breast Check