Wanderlust’s Salve

I am a home body more than ever these days. I lust for comfort, a quiet space to peel back the layers to my core. James Patterson referred to travel as “exotic suffering”. It often is and not something I am eager to discover. But there are those moments when it hits me.


Wanderlust takes over: the impulse to lose my origin if for just a time. Say Farewell to the inhabitants of this urban jungle and sail away. To dive into the sun.

Heaven's gate

Every day I get up, get dressed and head to work.  I return home. Throw on my sweatpants. Visit with friends. Read, write, draw and go to bed. But there are stretches on my commute when I think to myself just keep driving…see where you end up. Go. Fly Away. Be Free.

Heaven's gate1

But inevitably my car pulls into my parking slot. I climb the stairs to my office and so the cycle begins again. A few weeks ago I shared this overwhelming urge to run away and today I discovered a salve for what ails me. Travel videos by Andrew Julian.

Two in particular ~ Meet me in Big Sur and The Quiet City: Winter in Paris.

But be warned. If you are afflicted with wanderlust these videos may hurt more than help.

Images: Both images above belong to Andrew Julian. Snapshots from his Meet Me in Big Sur.