The Weekend 6/1/12~ Favorite Things #1

Heading into the weekend I compiled some favorite things for you to discover.

Once Again Ms Newton you have made my week ordering two more prints for your granddaughters. No really perhaps my year.

So this weekend is short and sweet. I have reconciliation nipping at my heels. The day job calls.

Paris in Love: A Memoir

~ Book by Eloisa James chronicling her Sabbatical spent in Paris from her job as a Shakespeare Professor. Yes Please…..take me away vicariously. Besides anything with coverart by Sophie Griotto…enough said.


~ Strands of coral and Turquoise clasp.


~ Good for airport travel and carrying art supplies around. 

White Shirt

~ Seriously who doesn’t need a good white shirt. This one is just lovely. 


~ Too fun! 


~ In honor of the late Donna Summer make this your summer poolside inspiration. 


~ Perfectly Parisian indeed. These just might be a must buy. 


~ Signature Scent

Color of the year 2012

With the inception of Pantone’s “Color of the Year” in 2007 we were introduced to Chili Pepper. Next Blue Iris in 2008, Mimosa in 2009, Turquoise in 2010, Honeysuckle in 2011, and this year… Tangerine Tango.

As Pantone explains Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.”

Also here is a link to MPDclick’s free forecast for Spring/Summer 2013 . A little sneak Peek.


You can find the various images: Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here / Here