The Weekend 3/22/13 ~ Running Away

A bunch of people I know keep telling me I need a vacation. But I don’t want to go anywhere. I would much rather stay home these days…Honestly most days.

For me it is more often an overwhelming urge to run away entirely and start from scratch. For anyone who has watched Angel Eyes you know what scratch means. I just can’t figure out where I would go. Besides I know it really wouldn’t change a thing. So I stay put.

So for now the internet and other people’s videos will do the trick.

With each one I take a mini vacation and grab a glimpse into another persons world. Here I can meet interesting people like Paul from Grammercy Tywriter Company in city’s I love like NY.

Or walk the streets of a city I yearn to visit.

Or see places I know I will never visit but find none the less beautiful and apparently cheeky.


I hope you have a weekend full of day dreams about the places you will go!

Image: vmacandcheese

The Weekend 6/1/12~ Favorite Things #1

Heading into the weekend I compiled some favorite things for you to discover.

Once Again Ms Newton you have made my week ordering two more prints for your granddaughters. No really perhaps my year.

So this weekend is short and sweet. I have reconciliation nipping at my heels. The day job calls.

Paris in Love: A Memoir

~ Book by Eloisa James chronicling her Sabbatical spent in Paris from her job as a Shakespeare Professor. Yes Please…..take me away vicariously. Besides anything with coverart by Sophie Griotto…enough said.


~ Strands of coral and Turquoise clasp.


~ Good for airport travel and carrying art supplies around. 

White Shirt

~ Seriously who doesn’t need a good white shirt. This one is just lovely. 


~ Too fun! 


~ In honor of the late Donna Summer make this your summer poolside inspiration. 


~ Perfectly Parisian indeed. These just might be a must buy. 


~ Signature Scent

The Weekend ~ 5/25/12

Seriously, if I had to pick only one food to eat for the rest of my life. You know those stupid quizzes? For me it would be a good fresh-baked baguette. Thankfully, since there are so many lovely things to pair with a baguette, I don’t have to live with only one . That makes me sound like I am “in” to food which I am not. This photo just evoked the thought of climbing in back of the van and traveling off to deliver bread over the French countryside.

I have begun the holiday weekend by taking an additional day off from work. Yeah! Yesterday I sold another print from my Etsy store. Yeah again! Sale #2 in 2 years. Thank you Ms. Newton. I hope it “Graces” your wall. I also discovered a new illustrator whose work I am crushing on. Anna Dray. Check out her Blog and Etsy Shop.

Then I came across this blog entry titled The Best thing about Summer. No it is not the weather but for this gal reading. I agree. I have read most of the books on her list…..I am significantly older. So naturally I have had more time to tackle must read lists. Right now I am working my way through Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. I also picked up this magazine for the check out stand:

This could of course harken some upcoming furniture reorganization. Inevitable for me when I am seeking change. And I feel a need for change coming on.

I hope you find some time to rest over the holiday weekend, connections with your loved ones and a sense of renewal.

Weekend Reading List:

  • Looking For The Best Baguette in paris ~ LUXUO
  • Recipe for Simple Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta ~ Donal Skehan (Now I of course would saute the Mushroom in Marsala Wine since this is how I like them at one of my favorite haunts).
  • 10 Habits you must quit to be Happy ~ Marc&Angel Hack Life
  • What Midnight in Paris Teaches Us ABout Every Artist ~ Jeff Goins
  • Tools For Creating a Meaningful Life ~ Huffington Post


DCToolbox ~Travel Art Studio

Years ago I came up with an idea for travel design kits. They are of course specifically aimed at Fashion design. The inspiration was my years of playing with Tomy Fashion Plates.

Now that I have more time on my hands I have begun to delve back into the creation process of my design kits. So it occured to me that I could at least begin by organizing my existing travel art supplies. A mini studio that allows me to fashion sketch on the go.

First I purchased a Field Journal Notebook from Tom Bihn. I got it with the Cranes Crest paper for drawing. I had to modify it to hold my travel watercolor kit. Think Seam ripper.

Then I placed in some of my basic supplies (pencil, pen, eraser, cutting mat, ruler and blade). If traveling on an airplane make sure to remove the Exacto blade. You want to avoid an international incident.

My watercolor kit is larger in size. But I like having all 24 colors, palettes and brushes. There are smaller versions available like this one by Winstor and Newton. Or like so many you can create your own watercolor kit in an Altoids tin.

So with my mini travel studio I can sketch on the go. Whether drawing from life or an image out of a  magazine. Often I will do quick sketches using just a ballpoint pen.

Others I pencil in loosely and then color with my Copic markers once I get home. It has become a mini visual journal tracking the myriad of thoughts and images I am drawn to.

Now if I am going for a longer trip I take along my markers, a larger pad of paper and perhaps my iPad or laptop. So this requires a tote bag or backpack depending on where I am off to. But most days my mini kit is all I need.

If you have created a travel studio of your own I would love to see. Please share.