Taurus Tango

A while back I shared my fashion illustration Taurus Tango. Completely dissatisfied, I sought to correct the problem.  My image was too cartoonish. Lacked that je ne sais quoi.

So what was it about the Tango I wanted to capture? The passion, the movement, but most importantly the tension that interplays the two figures. So with this new focus and some Tango Illustrations as inspiration I began to redraw Taurus Tango.

Fashion Illustrations by Barbier

Tango, by René Gruau French , 1909-2004

This is what evolved. My new Taurus Tango.

Evoking the the legend of Ariadne & the Minotaur. (The short version is a young woman falls in love and betrays her half brother (Minotaur) by helping her lover kill him. She then is abandoned by her lover and ends up married to Dionysus. Yikes!) I may have to add the spindel of thread and a dagger at some point to bring the picture full circle. But for now I am satisfied. You can read the Jungian Perspective of the legend here.

Images: (1) & (2)Recollections of a vagabond  (3) All me DCT

Taurus Tango

I am working on the finishing touches to Croquis Part III-Drawing your custom croquis. I hope to post it next week. In the meantime, in tribute to the Tango here is my Fashion Illustration Taurus Tango (still a work in progress) and some fabulous Tango movie clips. Enjoy!


Cell Block Tango-Chicago

Antonio Banderas-Take the Lead-Tango Scene

Shall We Dance Tango

Scent of a Woman-Al Pacino-Tango