The Weekend ~ 3/15/13


We are heading into the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Perhaps you will be celebrating with green beer or like me a smooth pint of Guiness (mmmmmm…) and birthday celebrations.

My day job has been moving at an unbelievable pace.  My workload tremendous; I hope to carve out some quiet time to finish up my artwork half finished. And some much needed rest.

My designs for the Modcloth design challenge where not chosen. However, the winners will be posted at today onto Modcloth’s facebook page. Check them out and vote for your favorites.

Here is a picture of the type of design I invisioned for the fabric but due to construction and complicated piecing did not submit for the contest.

Mcloth web


And a video worth watching. Empathy. See if you make it through tearless. I didn’t.

Until Next Week……Here are some things to check out.

Weekend Reading List:

        • Context~A New Design App ~ Fast Company ~This App was created by Joshua Distler designer of livesurface (a library of high resolution layered images with embedded 3D surfaces). Context allows designers to mock up 3D product presentations in seconds. Must have this!
        • Top 10 Best Things to do with Toilet Rolls ~ Russell Deasley ~Russell’s website is packed with as aptly named the Top 10 of Anything and Everything. And who doesn’t wonder what to do with toilet paper rolls?
        • Humurous life Musings ~ Dampsquid ~The world of Alex Manya. Make sure to strap yourself in for the mind trip but I promise you’ll giggle at least once or twice….at least I do.
        • Recipe for Fried Goat Cheese Croquettes ~ VMac & Cheese ~ So seriously if you’ve never had one you should. Of course my salad would nix the tomatoes substitute beets. Hmmm…
        • Why not…Find Your Je Ne Sais Quoi? ~ SLL

Images: All Mine

Lucky One

There is a story behind this drawing. As a girl I went to camp in Vermont. Sugar, candy anything that would rev our little engines was verboten. It would be smuggled in like contraband at the beginning of the summer. If discovered it was confiscated and then doled out in manageable increments. Manageable, that is, for the camp counselors.

One day before the call to dinner. Our counselor told us if we found a four leaf clover she would take us in to Burlington for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s of our choice to share, or not, with our fellow bunk mates. It was too much to bear. We diligently combed through the grass quiet, intent and of course very manageable.

Now I am not lucky by nature. I never have been.  But on this day I think I fell in to the rare category. Or perhaps I made my luck. But there just as the bell tolled or so my memory served I found that elusive four leaf clover. I got to have the pint of my choice which I shared with Betsy, kindred spirit and bunkmate.

So in honor of St. Patty’s Day here is the Lucky One.