Weekend ~ 5/31/13~ Chiaroscuro (Poem)

Hmmmm! I had big plans to post a poem yesterday but the day just seemed to run away. I have been writing quite a bit as of late over at the writer’s café. I plan on posting them here from time to time. At least after I have worked out the kinks. So here are yesterday’s words.



A Poem by DCT ponderings


 The curve of our story

Along the soft pads of my toes

Notes scrawled


In colors composed

Let me be your canvas

Lay upon me your embrace


Saturate me

Show me the hues

The black lines of your art



In Ink of unspoken words

Upon my blank page


Truth embedded

Love letters gentle caress

A masterpiece mapped out


Upon my white translucent skin

In your darkest ink

Our love painted


In outlines of solemn secrets

Inscriptions not yet written

I surrender


With every word

Trusting Whispers dyed

Your pen etching


Across lazy afternoons

Intertwined fingers dancing

In sunlit shadows upon the floor


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Something Extra

Image:YASMINA ALAOUI and the Words: Are All Mine