The Weekend~ 4/6/12

I was reading a post by guest blogger Catia Michelle on AMSdaily. She spoke about practicing self-care and Sabbath. Jewish Sabbath law says you stay close to home, limit technology, partake in Ritual-filled family meals, visits with friends and neighbors, and theological discussion. Sabbath is about spiritual community, connection,and consciousness. It is the sense of sacred in our lives.

As Catia puts it:

Sabbath gives us time and space for wonder.

Sabbath lets us rest and honor our bodies

Sabbath opens us up to appreciated deep human relationships.

Sabbath gives us time to experience the beauty and transcendence in our world.

Sabbath’s mantra is there is plenty of time for the things that matter most in life. So there is no need to run, run, run as our culture tries to convince us.

As I read her post it occurred to me that Sabbatical was rooted in Sabbath, a day of rest. Recently I quit teaching. Now I am the kind of teacher that gives everything I have to my students. There is both a light and dark aspect to this part of my nature. Giving away more of yourself then you have to give is not good self-care. I love teaching but one morning I realized I was maxed out, exhausted. I was constantly getting sick. For the first time ever I felt dread. This is not the kind of teacher I want to be. In that moment I knew. I needed time. Time to recharge, replenish and renew myself. I needed to stop.

I believe we are responsible for our own well-being and fully capable of influencing our stress levels and health. That said, I still haven’t figured out how to lower my blood pressure without the use of medication but first things first.

A group of my students recently emailed me imploring me to stay, to teach one more class. But the thing about good self-care is it often comes in saying NO. Because in the long run you know what is best for you. You listen to your own hearts whisperings. And if your lucky enough you have a community that understands.

I am grateful to live most of these things out in my daily life, to have the support of community. I have arrived at the doorway to my own crossroads. And I am choosing to dive head first into my own internal soul feeding, mind-body replenishing Sabbath.

So here on the Sabbath and Easter weekend I hope you find time for community, connection and consciousness so you can be relaxed, renewed, and hopefully rejuvenated.

Until Monday!

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