Photo Pair ~ Passage For Two

Today I paired my sketch Reach with a photo from Passage for Two. To get the full effect of today’s photo pair make sure to watch the video of the fourth Dance movement from NY Export: Opus Jazz featuring the choreography of Jerome Robbins, music by Robert Prince and New York City Ballet soloists Rachel Rutherford and Craig Hall.  Watch “Passage For Two”.

I thought I would also share the beginnings of another sketch Pas de Deux in keeping with the theme of course. Illustrator and I are still arguing with one another. I am sure eventually we will learn to cooperate better. But even unfinished there is something I like about them. I suspect it is the expression of the dance pose itself. Even frozen in space dancers bodies seems to be able to communicate a mirade of emotions. I never seem to tire of their narration.

Image: Vanity Fair / Reach & Pas de Deux by DCTdesigns