Palate Pleasers 2 ~ Potpourri


 No I’m not telling you to eat floral mix, nor am I instructing how to cook up a batch to scent your home. Though for some of you it may be a good idea. (I categorically deny if I resemble that remark.) I was doing some random experimentation over the weekend and cooking some old standards.

I visited one of my old haunt restaurants on Thursday. I tried Bourbon for the first time on the rocks. It was much better than the scotch I tried last week. However there is more experimentation in the works. I ordered an incredible dish that must be duplicated Roasted Cauliflower with Almonds, golden raisins tossed in a lemon Meyer oil. OMG!

Yesterday I made deviled eggs the quick way. How’s that you ask? Well I bought already hardboiled and peeled eggs at Whole Foods. Came home and Voila! (no cost lectures please. Go ahead and prepare your own hardboiled eggs your way. For now I’ll stick with easy even if not cheap way.) After the first bite I realized I was stingy with the salt which is never good. So I added a bit to the top and problem fixed.

Next I experimented with a new dip, also the quick method. I bought the roasted red tomatoes from whole foods. (Honestly when I bought them I thought I was getting roasted red peppers so…..)They’re soaked in olive oil, garlic and spice. (Once again feel free to roast your own). I threw the mix into the blender along with two heaping Tablespoons each of cashew butter and parmesan cheese. It made a yummy dip for veggies and crackers. I purchased some garlic thins through digestive wellness. They were okay (honestly not my fav) but I’m going to experiment making my own crackers soon. I think this might make a great pizza spread. I have another crust I’ve wanted to try so another experiment in the works.

Now the melba toast from DW is really good. I have been using it as a cracker and  base for tuna at lunch. And their granola makes a good breakfast smothered in 99% lactose free Raspberry honey kefir and sliced bananas. Our local co-op has cashews dry roasted in curry. Holy Mackerel are they ever good. Go ahead and try that for a quick snack.

Finally I cooked up more arabiatta Bolognese. I browned a bit of lean beef. Then I added a can or natural arrabiatta sauce. Next I cook the spaghetti squash. I rub each half with olive oil and then bake rind up in a 1/2″ of water. This time I spooned the concoction into the squash to eat. I think next time I’m going to add some spinach, kale, and carrot sauté to my sauce. I need to increase my veggie quotient. Besides it sounds delish!

Last was my old go to favorite from weight watchers- Turkey Mango Picadillo. You can use any kind of ground meat. I use ground turkey breast though I suspect since SIBO I should try it with ground lamb. I used coconut oil not canola. I leave out the scallions and try to go easy on the mango. If you have no dietary restrictions I recommend using Santa Barbara Mango Peach Salsa. But if you a suffer from grumpy belly like me then use an all-natural salsa or make your own. I serve my Picadillo  over cauliflower rice. 

I have more food posts coming. I have been experimenting with Happy Hour and my birthday is coming so there is cake in my future. If you have any terrific SIBO friendly recipes please send them my way.