The Weekend 4/12/13

the vapors

I imagine this is what the students at NYFA wish they could be doing. Unfortunately with the show only a day away all caught in a bundle of nerves and anticipation I suspect they look like this …

       9e2ca372bebe20c272af6a73824d02b6   Or even this    Munch_320px

They’re in the final push before their designs hit the runway in the 9th Annual NYFA Student Fashion Show. So if your free on Saturday come see the creations of :

Cory Ellen Boberg

Rachel Farquharson

Melody Hirsch

Marcella Kelly

Joe Madsen

Tom Ordino

Marisa Rockett

Janis Sanders

Jen Tominaga

Erin Weathers

Til’ then here is another

Blast for This Blogs Past

And in honor of the students and their endeavors this weeks reading list is dedicated to the Business of Fashion. So many, so little time. Good luck!

The Weekend Reading List

Here & Here & Edvard Munch The Scream