The Piscean

Happy Birthday Pisces!

This is an image of the Messier 74 galaxy captured by the Hubble telescope. It resides 32 million light years away, in the direction of the Pisces constellation. Don’t you just want to go for a swim?  It is estimated to contain about 100 billion stars, slightly less than our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Awhile back I designed a series of necklaces based on the constellations. Here is Pisces. I hope to actually make this someday. Or if you’re a jewelry designer and want to make it for me. Please say so. I would gladly leave it to an expert.

Piscean necklace

Lastly for any fellow fish here is a little more listening pleasure from Hey Ocean! I’ve decided that their song Fish is the official theme song for a Piscean.

But Big Blue Wave is my own personal anthem.

Image: Galaxy