Photo Pair ~ Little Thief

Little thief

I couldn’t help but imagine a Lilliputian Linda coming into my room late at night, raiding my Chanel supply leaving me empty. Laughing all the while in her glorious mischief. Little Minx.

Images: (1) Haute Couture Archive Vogue (1991)-Linda Evangelista wearing Gianfranco Ferré couture photographed by Patrick Demarchelier (2) Feeling Empty by DCT

The Weekend

Now I am looking forward to the weekend, a haircut,  time with friends and hopefully some much needed rest. This time of year my job begins to ramp up and I find myself busier than normal. So replenishing myself on the weekend grows increasing important.  I have finished a series of Fairytale Inspired Sketches for a 2012 calendar. Keep posted. Enjoy your weekend.


Weekend Reading List


Image: Everything Fabulous