Truly Talented

Every so often Everyday I fall upon a new artist that I am in awe of. Whose raw talent or perhaps very cultivated talent is stunning. Here are a few of the latest.

The Pen & Ink of Si Scott and his Resonate Series. It definitely resonated with me.

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Next up is the incredibly talented Johan Scherft. I have shown you some paper craft artist before but if you ask me….this takes it up another notch.

bird-1 bird-2 bird-4


Finally but surely not least is Kumi Yamashita and her constellation series. Over months she weaves a single unbroken thread over galvanized nails to create these works of art.


The Weekend ~ 2/3/12


Heading into the weekend as usual I am full of good intentions, all the things I want to accomplish, all the articles I have continually promised to finish. At some point I need to stop repeating myself or else become a wolf crier.

Work has taken off at an unbelievable pace.  My stress levels are maxed. My plan is to give myself a break this weekend and find a moment or two of peace and quiet. Beyond the reprieve we shall see what else if anything I can accomplish. Rest would be enough.

So with this in mind I will make no promises. I still have more croquis posts in the works and hands down these are your favorite posts or so the stats say. First the Croquis, next Paper Craft. I see I’m not the only one fascinated by the incredible things artists can do with paper. 

If you are a paper loving friend you should definitely take time and check out the blog Printmatter. And from the blog of a husband and wife team you have to see Yen’s Parisian Rocco limited edition prints. Wow!

Until Next Week……

Weekend Reading List:

More Papercraft

I am so obsessed these days with what incredible things artists can do with paper.

First  Yulia Brodskaya images for Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog. Tis the season.


But here are a few more artist I have discovered lately. I mean WOW!

Peter Callesen



Emma Van Lest


Carlos Meira

Here is an article on his process.