Truly Talented

Every so often Everyday I fall upon a new artist that I am in awe of. Whose raw talent or perhaps very cultivated talent is stunning. Here are a few of the latest.

The Pen & Ink of Si Scott and his Resonate Series. It definitely resonated with me.

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Next up is the incredibly talented Johan Scherft. I have shown you some paper craft artist before but if you ask me….this takes it up another notch.

bird-1 bird-2 bird-4


Finally but surely not least is Kumi Yamashita and her constellation series. Over months she weaves a single unbroken thread over galvanized nails to create these works of art.


Last Shoot

After coming across the amazing images from Marilyn Monroe’s Last Photo shoot for Vogue 1962 I was compelled to make paper art pieces capturing the essence in black and white.

Marilyn Paperart

And because I love them somuch here are more images from this incredible shoot.

The Weekend ~ 5/4/12

Tomorrow is both Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby. I couldn’t decide which event to illustrate so I did a piece for both.

First up is Cinco de Mayo and I decided everyone needs a Piñata Purse. You just know it has to be full of goodies. If not money than definitely sweets. And what could be better than that? The Margarita doesn’t hurt either. This drawing was originally inspired by this photo of Dita Von Teese for Cointreau, then the purse idea, last her colorful companion sprung to life.


For the Derby I immediately thought of Eliza Doolittle’s day at the races. So for this one my trusty blade came out for a quick paper cutting session. It’s all about the hat!


No reading list this week. Just artwork. Hope to see you all again Monday.


Images: Cinco de Mayo & Doolittle Derby by DCT

More Papercraft

I am so obsessed these days with what incredible things artists can do with paper.

First  Yulia Brodskaya images for Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog. Tis the season.


But here are a few more artist I have discovered lately. I mean WOW!

Peter Callesen



Emma Van Lest


Carlos Meira

Here is an article on his process.