The Weekend ~3/2/12

The Oscar goes to……

I couldn’t resist. The sheer absurdity of the media coverage of a leg, a pose. Pure frivolity. My own hypocrisy in drawing the above Oscar and posting it does not escape me. It seems to me in the world today there are so many greater things to fill up our hours and conversations with.

So bravo!

I have begun drawing a few Oscar dresses. For this one I did a Swap. Call it creative license. I put Mara Rooney in the Tony Ward dress that had been worn by Giulianna Rancic. I hope to complete the others over the weekend. Yes more frivolity. This time of pretty things.

So I figure the least I can do is give you some brain food via David Tennant as Hamlet.

I hope you find some time away to relax this weekend. I will be helping a friend alter ballgowns for her upcoming red carpet worthy events. And hopefully getting the hang of my new markers. Adieu!

The Weekend Reading list:

Images: DCT