The Weekend ~ 4/26/13 ~ Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
This week has proven to be another one for the books. Lots of news in my personal life…. some good…. some bad. Can’t say that it means things are balanced out. The scale is still tipped downward and has been for some time.

I drew Wonder Woman this week for inspiration. I figured, if I created her, threw her out into the Cloud, I might begin to feel more like her; channel her strength in a way. You know beauty, brains and brawn. Seriously who wouldn’t want to be bulletproof these days, be able to tell when anyone is telling the truth, or occasionally be invisible. And if you don’t know how she accomplishes all of that then shame on you… have homework to do.

My Wonder Woman is part of a series of motorcycle gear I envisioned years ago inspired by superheroes. Because truly motorcycle racers nearly are superheroes. That or just a little crazy. I wish I had made the base of her helmet blue but I can play around with that later.

I also finally managed to list some of my photographs for sale on my Etsy store so if you have time PLEASE check them out. Let me know what you think! And of course, if your interested, buy something.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Until then here’s a…….


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