Today I Met a True Poet (poem)

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Today I Met  A True Poet

Today I met a true poet

Sending shivers down my spine

Not some hero of lore

No Keats, Frost or Dickens

No pantomime

Simply My friend, hand inked

Upon her husband’s hospital bill

tattered Corner torn

Perfection sung prose

A Love note scrawled

her grocery list backing

Words touched Bare

by grace

By love

and the art of goodbye

~ by DCT

I drew the image above for a series called Love is. This one was one of my favorites. I think it would make a good greeting card with the caption Let’s grow old together.

The poem was channeled grace. At lunch with a dear friend she tenderly shared a love letter she had written for her husband. I was so moved by her offering to our friendship and by her love for her husband that it simply flowed from my pen in it’s pure expression.

Love is…

As a kid one of my favorite cartoon strips was Kim Caselli’s Love is…

For me it taught that love showed everyday in the ordinary. It was in those simple moments that it truly came to light. So the other day I began sketching some images for Valentines.

For moments that love is…