Lucky One

There is a story behind this drawing. As a girl I went to camp in Vermont. Sugar, candy anything that would rev our little engines was verboten. It would be smuggled in like contraband at the beginning of the summer. If discovered it was confiscated and then doled out in manageable increments. Manageable, that is, for the camp counselors.

One day before the call to dinner. Our counselor told us if we found a four leaf clover she would take us in to Burlington for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s of our choice to share, or not, with our fellow bunk mates. It was too much to bear. We diligently combed through the grass quiet, intent and of course very manageable.

Now I am not lucky by nature. I never have been.  But on this day I think I fell in to the rare category. Or perhaps I made my luck. But there just as the bell tolled or so my memory served I found that elusive four leaf clover. I got to have the pint of my choice which I shared with Betsy, kindred spirit and bunkmate.

So in honor of St. Patty’s Day here is the Lucky One.