Bodies in Motion ~Vogue China

I drew this sketch in my travel art studio after coming across the image below. For once I didn’t care that it wasn’t perfect. The sheer movement of the image drew me in. There was something so lyrical about her that I wanted to feel it flow through the tip of my pencil.

Then this image grabbed me. The twists yearning out of expression pouring forth emotion.

There is not a single image from “Dancing in the Soul” photographed by Daniel Jackson for Vogue China that falls to the wayside. They each speak volumes.  Maybe it is the evocation of Martha Graham and Avedon that drew me in or my partiality to bodies in Motion; the volumes in their wordless expression. Whatever the cause these images featuring  Justin Peck  alongside Chinese supermodels Liu Wen, Sui He, and Ming Xi are stunning, worthy of sharing.

Images: Quiet Rebel

The Weekend 09/02/11

For this weekend’s post I chose one of my own Photo Pairs, Bicycle Sunday. Hope you have a fabulous long weekend! I know I am looking forward to an extra day off.

Video to jump start the weekend: 

Janie Taylor for Chloé

The Prima Ballerina Models the Fashion House’s Ethereal Collection

New York City Ballet principal Janie Taylor road tests Chloé’s dance-inspired spring/summer 2011 collection with choreographer and corps de ballet member Justin Peck in today’s short by director Bon Duke. Set to Philip Glass’s “String Quartet No. 3, ‘Mishima’: IV. 1962: Body Building,” the impassioned routine was conceived by Peck in a bid to capture the multidimensional aspects of the performance on camera.~link~ Janie Taylor for Chloe


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Images: (1) Bicycle Lane by DCTdesigns (2) latinamericana