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The Thinking Girl’s Man (Spoken Word)

Thinking GirlSparked by the idea of the freebie list from Friends.  To which, when shared, my friend DT said “Ah you like the thinking Girl’s man”.   This piece sprang to life from there. It’s my first attempt at a spoken word poem and a little humor (I apologize if you take offense). This is the edited version. Please feel free to submit candidates for review and consideration.


The Thinking Girl’s Man

Well, if I am to begin I should start with the best. The one, the only, John Cusack! You wonder how it is he made it to the top. Protest he’d say anything to win. But I must assure you, you’re wrong. See the answer lies deep with the friends he keeps. For its late nights with John, Joan and Jeremy of these moments I dream.

And I suspect he would hate such an inclusion, feeling a bit type cast, unfortunate for him there is no escape; all he need do is whisper the words.

Stand by me, a round kick to the head, knocked out, Championed I’d be.

Hit Pointe Blank spinning in High Fidelity (just say so and I’m yours!)

And lest you believe, here’s a little known fact, source unconfirmed. When Jennifer cried “Johnny” it was for Cusack not Swayze she yearned. (Tweet this)

Now I beg your pardon as I must take a quick aside.

Why it is the most intelligent actors play such seemingly dumb characters? Their smarts they hide.  Geena Davis for one, Steve Martin two, Dolph Lundgren’s another. Think Rocky in case you don’t know. There’s Sharon Stone, Matt Damon and finally James Woods, Wait! That’s another candidate to place on this mashugana list.

Now believe me when say to include one Jew, nay two. Hell if you ask me, at least three, and since my Friend DT insisted I remove Adam Levin, as he no longer applies. Due to Cosmo and the voice his appeal has bridged the divide. So I decree, glory be!  Jeremy Northam and Oded Fehr ….Yes, Yes please!

Now, Edward Norton’s up next in the numbers I wish in my little black book lived. His talents insanely displayed in Primal Fear and American history X. His choice of love interests, eclectic at best. Love and Halmek I don’t fall among.  Yet I’m keeping the faith, in case something goes wrong. I imagine drifting through the painted Veil and lest you have any doubt why he’s a thinking girl’s man, ask Yale.

And as my Friend Jason would contend, when it comes to men we might have to compete… our Tastes so often in sync. But I assured him in stride there’s no conflict. It’s easily divided. For it matters not which way Kevin Spacey decides. We’re both willing.

Lastly I offer a few more Brits, some older men (my heart be still), and a few oddities without whom, replete this list could never be. So here they go.

  • Colin Firth, Darcy if you please, neither Pride nor Prejudice could keep me away.
  • Jonny Lee Miller picking you is purely Elementary, my dear, Angelina’s forgiven.
  • Ben Chaplin, Tell me the truth, which leading ladies do you love best, I wish to be among them.
  • Daniel Day Lewis, what can I say? There is method in your madness. Give me some.
  • Sam Shepherd, I could be your Shelly, nay you’re beloved Lange and when I get a flat please, please stop and kiss me like Keaton.
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy, man or beast, it matters not. You take my breath away.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan I declare to the rainy city you must return. Bring back my broken heart!
  • Mark Ruffalo I admit I would let you cradle, ladle, hell, even spladle me.

Oops… there I go with yet another married man! Sincerely I ask all wives apologies. In a game like this I realize that husbands really should be off limits. But it must be said your very love implies why they were included to begin with.

So to summarize all this foolishness- I realize there are but a few blondes in the bunch. That each of these men has a voice that fights for a cause. And each one’s love reflects their mother’s pride. I’d say these are all very… very… good signs.

Disclaimer: If you feel you have been placed on this list erroneously and want to be removed just let me know. Not you John. That’s not possible. However, if you feel I have been remiss and want to be added all you need do is apply. I will take it up with the board.