The Weekend ~ 9/20/13

DCT croquis FNE

Hello All!

As of late I have become so wrapped up in writing and photography I’ve been lax on creating croquis posts for my devoted fashion illustration followers. This is after all how this blog was born. And Every week Croquis Part II remains my #1 read blog post- being kicked off its top slot only once by Kristine Espinasse and her French Word-a-day.

Now I’ve made all sorts of promises for upcoming croquis posts but I’d like to hear what you want to learn. Are there particular poses you want to see? What tools do you need most for your design work? Tell me what I can do for you. Your requests will be answered!

Last weekend I discussed my fear of writing anything longer than 100 words. Well my friend wants me to join her and participate in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. The goal is writing a novel in the month of November, 50,000 words minimum.

Or 1,666.66 words per day or 555.55 words per hour if I carve out 3 hours a day and type 9.26 words per minute. I’ve broken down the numbers into various derivations in an attempt to quantify and control.  Is there an emoticon for steam coming out your ears, head spinning around and flying off your body? If I weren’t already feeling ill this would surely do it. I think I’d rather jump from a plane. No, not really, that’s a dramatization. But if I do decide to drink the koolaid I may have to take leave from the blog to do it. Because I can’t possible spread myself that thin and not break.

Another girlfriend invited me to join her on a trip to Iceland in December. 4 hours of sunlight, 36 degrees Fahrenheit and no guarantee of seeing the northern lights. Why can’t I seem to warm up to the idea? Perhaps we should just hang out in a meat locker, drink Brennivín, dance our asses off to stay warm and watch videos on the northern lights projected on the wall. Or I could just fly to Colorado to see her. Then we could jump back and forth between the hot tub and making snow angels. With shots of Brennivín in between, of course.

Make sure to tune in next week for an exciting Tuesday Talent interview. A fabulous poet I met on the writer’s cafe and completely adore. I’m so glad she agreed to participate.

Til’ Monday I hope you are elbows deep in paint or ink. And read the Blast from this blogs past.


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