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The Weekend ~ Bonne Santé ~10/4/13


I never post about food. I don’t talk about food. (Okay rarely). I can cook (just ask my friend Cyndi about my lasagna and tiramisu).  But I nearly never do. Eating out most meals or opting for quick fix options at home. (Please read microwavable.) I also eat (draw/write) in bed while watching TV.

But life as I’ve known it is about to change. I’ve been feeling crummy the past 6 months and just found out the cause. Apparently I have SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).  I’ll spare you all the details, just to say I’ve been feeling sick, gained weight while not eating (having zero appetite) and couldn’t drink a lick of alcohol without major burning.  Ugh! No alcohol for 6 months. I deserve an award- which I only wish was a hefty beverage involving Tequila. Someday perhaps-just not yet!

Currently they are barraging my body with a massive dose of antibiotics. I nearly lost it when the pharmacist told me it would be $200 out of pocket after insurance. Original cost was $1300. Highway Robbery! Someone needs to put a lease on big pharmaceuticals. But I digress.

It also came with the promise that things will get worse before they get better. So far my daily headache is the only proof of this. Otherwise I seem to be holding my own. Once the initials 2 1/2 weeks of meds are finished I get to take another med in minimal dosage for a year. (I fear the price tag on that one.) And I suspect that further tests to seek the underlying cause will be necessary. I have a few ideas (using my pocket doctor’s degree). Yes I know I’m one of THOSE. But in my defense no one knows my body like I do.

So now life as I know it is about to change dramatically. I have to make dietary changes to avoid SIBO reoccurring. This means cutting off its food source. I.e. carbs, sugar, and alcohol– all the food groups that make life bearable. My first reaction was to throw a fit. But instead I’ve decided to embrace things. Now I know myself well enough to say I will eventually cheat. But not until I feel better and know I have licked it- then every once in a while I will surely indulge in a glass of red wine and of course chocolate (Hmmm hot chocolate with marshmallows). And since I’m not actually allergic to the verboten foods I’m already looking forward to it.

So I’ve begun to dig into the basics and devise a plan for food/meal prep. Due to this I may occasionally post a recipe. (Then again maybe not) I think I’ll save that for the experts and true Foodies.

Here are a few Paleo and SIBO resources I found online

The Paleo Dietitian and her wonderful SIBO chart as well as FODMAP charts

10 Ways to Win Battle Against SIBO ~ Go Paleo

My New Roots ~ Recipes and stunning photos.

More Paleo Recipes & Paleo recipes

So until Monday bonne santé!


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