Weekend ~ 2/7/14 ~ Livestrong, Luck, Love & Anja’s Art


I have to start this weekend update with the artwork of Anja Partin. I have followed Anja’s blogs for sometime. If you’re like me you’ll want to follow them all. And to say I covet her artwork would be an understatement. I have been that annoying chirping bird saying do you sell this? Gimme. Gimme. Gimme. Thankfully I discover I’m not the only sycophant following her.

Now it appears she has put her artwork up for sale. Finally! (Uh, seriously what took you so long *wink*) Here’s the best part. All the proceeds from her sales will go towards her support of  LiveSTRONG. And if you read my blog you know fighting cancer is very near and dear to me. More so these days. So please support her! Check out  “I Love Hills” for the details and then hit her shop. (No I don’t mean do a drive by). SHOP! You heard me. Go now and then come back to me for more frivolous rantings.

Next business at hand, before I run away with myself, is a redaction. No wait that’s not right, a disclaimer. No Ugh! An Addendum! Yes let’s call it that. I need to amend my Creative Crush entry of a friend I went to high school with (a long long time ago)- Hugh Gallagher. In my defense I did admit I was writing of the boy not the man he had no doubt become. And is that ever the case. (Though I still stand by his ability to rock the preppy plaid pants). But he is now writing for Newsweek and working on his second novel for publication. At least I believe he is. I have expectations you see. Here are just two of his most recent articles. What I Saw at The Revolution and Go! Go! Go! (Do I really have to tell you what to do after that title?) No?…Good.

Now back to me. I am not what you would call lucky. I know lucky- that was my second ex-husband. (Now don’t judge) Things just always seeming to go his way- which is exceedingly frustrating in marriage. Especially when it is so one sided. But this week I’m singing a new tune. Last Friday I received the monthly newsletter from the Inn at Port Ludlow. A place I frequent when I want to get outta town (btw that should have been pronounced like the Brits- freequint). Well each month they post a photo in their newsletter. The first person to identify the image gets a gift certificate. Guess what? Yes that’s right. I won.

The funny part or kismet is that during my day at Pike Place with the recruiter I saw it. We had stopped at one of the myriad fruit and veggie stands to get a Jazz apple. Suddenly this incredibly ornate lime green work of art caught my eye. In all it’s glory like a Balinese temple awaiting worship. Honestly I couldn’t  decide if it was too pretty to cook or not. I didn’t think I’d be able to bear cutting it up. Then I wondered if that occurs naturally by crossing broccoli and cauliflower or if the beauty of it came in genetic mutation. As it turns out the Romanesco Broccoli has been around since the 16th century in Italy. I think it is worthy of further mathematical study on the golden ratio as it applies to the magnificent specimen, a great illustration of  logarithmic spirals and fractals. Don’t I sound smart. No just another obsession of mine- the patterns of chaos and the mathematical complexities that live within us.

So in the end it appears that all the ogling and pondering won me an evening at the Inn. Giant bathtub and fireplace here I come. Happy Valentines to me.

Now in case you missed it this week. I KNOW how busy you all are (excuses excuses). You must check out the Book Cover Art for The Dilettante’s upcoming release and my artwork and interview of Her. Oh by the way please visit the artist Ros Webb’s site. As her book cover artwork if spectacular. Then when you’re finished you can read what The Dilettante had to say about me. Because honestly I think I like myself just a wee bit better now.

Lastly, I know hang in there. (Wait are you still with me?) Anyway, have you ever had one of those moments of total flow as an artist?-One where the words just seem to converge with grace. Well this is what happened to me this week. (No doubt high after reading Helena’s thank you to me). I went from my collaboration with her to the website of another high school friend Rob Scott (I think their was something in the water) and watched Rob’s Story. Next I happened upon We Are Painted People, an entry for WordPress’s Weekly Writing Challenge. It was an inspiration trifecta. I felt flooded with creative collaboration (which, as my regular readers know, is my addiction). And from my depths arose The Creative Collaboration of the Painted People.

Okay that’s all. See you next week on the blogesphere.


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The Weekend Reading List

  • Figure and Gesture Drawing~ Remember figure drawing in college? Here’s a terrific resource for an online figure drawing class to help hone your technique.
  • Islands ~ This week’s wanderlust fix thanks to Liv Hambrett. Waiheke Island, New Zealand.
  • 8 Words that Should be Added in English Dictionary ~ Seriously I love words that express an world of feeling inside themselves. As if the combination of letters can barely contain the whole of its expression.


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