Rogue Illustration #13 ~ Tyrone

So last week my two works collided, Fashion and Finance. At the end of the day I peered out my window into the park to see a man dressed in the most vibrant colors. What was he doing as he sat at the picnic table? Well, he was drawing fashion illustrations of course.

So you know he had to become a Rogue Illustration.This perfectly glorious peacock deserved to be drawn. I immediately picked up my pencil and did a quick sketch and made notations of all his little details. Then I could go home and make him as colorful and glorious as he appeared in the park.

Since I began my Rogue Illustration series I have been threatening to talk to the people I randomly draw. Can you guess what I actually did? On my way out the office I went down and introduced myself and showed him my quick sketch and got a sneak peep of his designs. Bashfully he shared what he called “doodles”. They were as colorful as he was. And of course I was so excited to actually shake hands with hug a person I was intending to draw I forgot to check a few of the minor details I couldn’t suss from my office perch. Was there a  yoke on the front of his gingham shirt? Did the pockets have flaps? etc. Oops! I did manage to realize he was wearing oxfords not loafers. So without further ado I would like to introduce you to Tyrone in his technicolor splendor.

Tyrone Web

Paris Couture 2013

Ulyana Sergeenko– inspired by orthodox architecture and priests’ vestments. Bell Silhouettes, ruffled collared austerity.

Paris 13 Ulyana Sergeenko

Chanel– Reminding us of all the ways Tweed can be worked, blending tradition and future, new fabrics with period proportions and hairdos and hats with a nod to the Grace Jones


Giambattista Valli– “Flowers and colors are what women want from me,” says Valli. But this show was further inspired by Porcelain.’

Paris 13-Giambattista valli

Armani-Prive– ethereal elegance glides along in his most recent collection Nude, the “pure elegance of what is on the inside”. The pale palette blending in way that the model and her outfit collide seamlessly so you could barely tell where the fabric ended and skin began. Old Hollywood was reborn in sleek silhouettes and an art Deco glow insinuating luxe.

Paris13-Armani Prive

Zuhair Murad-tattoo style embroidery, the signature of his dark sensuality imbued in his designs gothic architecture.  Exquisitely feminine lace beaded gowns and sheer bodysuits.

Paris13 Zuhair Murad

Alexis Mabille– inspired by nineteenth century painter Giovanni Boldini, a sense of light and shadow from brush work. Mabille created this sense of movement through hand painting garments bringing the feminine form to blossom.

Paris13-Alexis Mabille

Christian Dior–  Freedom, varied textures bringing sensibility to couture, choosing to wear what you want in the way you want. This was Simon’s vision, a sense of normality.

Paris13-Christian Dior

Atelier Versace– First off Naomi Campbell opened and closed the show to wolf whistles. This girl still has it. Inspired by a black and white photo of the thirties “Horst and Man Ray. It was a moment about precision, about perfection and lots of work” echoed in the intricate details but with lots of skin alas chez Versace.

Paris13-Atelier Versace

Rogue Illustration ~ #12 King’s

RI-Kings wweb

There was something so chic about this gal with her nude flats and loose chignon standing there before me in line for her French patisserie fix. But it was her sweatshirt from King’s Bar and Grill with their fabulous bulldog logo that made her a shoe-in to become a Rogue Illustration candidate. Just an edge of Sass, I bet she could knock em back with the boys.