Storyboard-NYFA Student Fashion Show

NYFA 2013 storyboard

Between visiting, critiquing and the fact that my camera was in video mode in my lap, unbeknownst to me, for long periods of time I only ended up with a few shots from the show. So I decided the best thing to do was make a storyboard. Hopefully some of the students will share their photos going forward. There is so much more to see. It was a great show.

The Weekend ~ 2/24/12

I know….it’s a Christmas sketch. This week I had big plans for Mardi Gras inspired art full of beads and masks. I even did a few sketches featuring pancakes for Shrove. I just never got around to completing them. So instead this one had at least the hint of Beaded adornments.

I still have more to do on her. Since I have a tendency to overwork a piece I will have to be careful.  But I will say I do love how her coat came out.

So the weekend is upon us, Oscars coming to visit, February’s ending and March is oncoming. Oh where oh where has the time flown. I have been up to my eyeballs this week with tax season and client reports. However I have been able to carve out time this week with friends. A few of whom I haven’t seen for a while. This has been a welcomed reprieve.

I am constantly striving to maintain balance in my life as I have a tendency to push myself, overwork, over do. This ability can often come in handy as a deadline looms. Each time I push myself to my limits I certainly know what I am capable of. However there is a shadow side to this same trait. If I am not careful I can wear myself thin. These days as I am ever conscious of this behavior pattern and trying to make sure I stay righted. This means I have to decide what has to give. So this weekend’s lecture class had to be rescheduled. With no voice I was not going to be able to talk about the finer points of Product Development for 4 1/2 hours.

Yesterday I had an exciting milestone. I made my first Etsy sale. I was surprised and delighted. Now mind you I am one to remain realistic…this is my first sale in two years. But these days I will take the wins where I can get them. Maybe I will post a few more items for sale.

As always I hope you enjoy your weekend and here is the Weekend Reading List. Til  Monday.


Weekend Reading List:

Images: Ornamental Antlers by DCTdesigns